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  Looking for great R&b music?  Then check out some of the new and old artist we have listed here. The hot new release “Would U Mind” has been coupled with a engaging video by Vick Jones and Da’Flow Entertainment, also directed by Kenny Luk and it is already expected to be one of the hottest new song/video releases of 2011. There is also r and b music from other well known artist like UsherAkonAvant, Bobby Valentino, Drake, MariahMary J, Chris Brown. R&b music is a form of music that is derived from a variety of styles. R and B which is short for rhythm and blues can vary even within its own genre of style. Some r&b songs lean more toward the jazz side of music while others have a touch of hip hop or pop flavor.
  With so many r&b songs on the market, everyone seems to have there favorites. It seems that the majority right now lean toward what is called smooth r and b. Slow songs from the earlier years like the 70′s,80′s and 90′s seem to be very popular now among many people who listen to r&b music.
  R and b music was first born in the 1940′s and has since then been through many changes in the form of meaning and style of music. It has been referred to as African American music, jump blues, rock alternative music and so on through the years….One of the latest names attributed to r&b musicis contemporary rhythm and blues.

  As a producer myself I would have to say that r n b music has to be the most acceptable style of music in terms of incorporating other forms of music. R and b seems to be the only form of music that can have many other styles of music mixed in with it and still be considered r&b. For instance, gospel, jazz, blues, and rock have been defined as helping to make r n b music what it is today, and you can insert these other styles of playing into an r and bproject and still end up with rnb. You don’t have to stop there. Cause now days, it is not uncommon to hear r and b songs with hip hop style beats, or pop worthy melodies also, and even though a r and b song my have all of these other styles in its make up, depending on how it’s sung and presented, once it is all glued together, it still holds the title of a R and b form of music. Other forms of music are capable of this to, but most of them cannot bend as far from there orgin as r&b before they lose there title of being jazz, blues, gospel , rock and so on, like r and b can. I think the reason for this is because r and b music was formed from other styles that had already been out for a while, and it is still evolving till this very day.

   Bottom line be told, most customers could care less about the history and the future of this style of music, all they know is that it is pleasing to listen to and they like it for whatever reason. So feel free to explore our site and listen to the many variety of r&b music styles we have on our website in the form of videos. We also encourage you to check out the new r and b music from artist we have and are working with like Vick Jones,song- Would U  Mind and Kutt Klose, song- Let it ring. Kutt Klose was a very popular r&b group in the 90′s and has recently got back together to do some new releases. Just click on there pictures in the video display above and you will be taking there official youtube page. Thanks for stopping by.

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What are some great R&B songs with at least somewhat appropriate lyrics?

The song must be ENTIRELY female, no rap parts or duets….

If the song is pop thats ok, but I would really prefer R&B…. I am looking for some more songs to sing in talent shows and things.

The lyrics must be at least somewhat appropriate,nothing too suggestive

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PAUL G FEAT AKON 2010 – BANG IT ALL ( official Video HD)

PAUL G ft. AKON bang it all Finally we did it! the very first African collaboration between Superstar Akon and Paul G from Angola. we shoot the video in Angola and South Africa, directed by Dj Marcell produced by Magic Fingaz and co-produced by wonder Boyz

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Is there any music out there that combines RnB and House/Dance?

I’ve recently developed an interest in RnB music for its soulful, smooth sound and I also took a liking to dance/electronic music. I’m talking about stuff like Wynter Gordon’s "Dirty Talk" Kelly Rowland’s "Commander", David Guetta, etc. Is there a genre or any artists out there that crosses both genres?

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Brandy ft Sean Kingston – Right Here Departed (Official Remix)

Brandy ft Sean Kingston – Right Here Departed (Official Remix) 2oo8 (Subscribe and comment) great song by Brandy and sean kingston video by Hektikproductions08 Hope you like SUBSCRIBE !!!!!!!!!

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TI – Get Back Up ft. Chris Brown [Official Music Video]

© 2010 WMG. Pre-order “No Mercy” @ trapmuzik.com | Buy the “Get Back Up” mp3 single @ atlr.ec | TI’s “No Mercy” album hits stores everywhere December 7th!!!

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Bobby Valentino – Tell Me Original

Just without Lil Wayne and longer than the MTV-Version. Video mixed by myself music by Bobby Valentino. One of the best RnB-musicians ever! ©2005 [Speaking] Bobby Valentino haha Ah ay yo Tim drop the beat for me Ah yeah haha Do it really sexy for me yeah Y’all see that girl over there Hey girl check this out right here [Verse 1] Say baby what’s your story You got the goods its plain to see The kind that a keep a brother on his knees And I’m so curious After the club hang out with me Valentino is sure to please For now let’s have an apple martini And get to know each other [Chorus] Oh ma tell me How did you get that in those jeans The way you poppin it is killing me Look over here come follow me Tell me How did you get that in those jeans The way you dropping it is killing me I’ll meet you in the VIP [Verse 2] When you sizzling wanna lay you on the floor I’m a bad boy just thought I’d let you know These are the thoughts running through my mind Cause I’m so curious yeah Couple more shots and we out the door Speed off in the coupe cause there’s more in store Can’t wait till I pull in my driveway girl Can tell by now I want you [Hook] You’s a sexy thang Boo what’s your name Cause you’re the finest thang that’s walked in the club Your girls they don’t compare To you can’t help but stare At you. . . lets make a toast to the good life [chorus x2] [Girl Singing] Oh boy tell me Out of all the girls, your staring at me Is it the way I’m rocking my jeans Looking at my bubble is

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